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Years of experience translating English into Spanish and Spanish into English. Topics as diverse as engineering, marketing, travel and tourism, as well as scientific articles.


Your content. Your audience. Translate your contents, then make sure that they will be easily understood and culturally acceptable to the Latin American market.


Your video/audio contents transcribed into Spanish at maximum speed and perfect accuracy. Tell me what your transcription needs are and let me help you.


Some of the projects I've worked on.


Legislation, policies, TWB


E-books, e-commerce

Scientific articles

Social sciences, earth sciences


My name is Andrew Morales, I'm a professional full-time English-Spanish, Spanish-English translator, located in Ambato, Ecuador. I have been involved in a variety of translation projects including academic, scientific work in various areas such as tourism, educational research and agricultural data mining. I have also been involved in non-technical translation projects related to marketing and e-commerce. Here's some of my story in the translation business.

  • 2004-2008

    How it all started

    In 2004, fresh out of college, I started working for a local consulting office, Velplus, as an English teacher for professionals and business men. At that time, I was also tasked with the translation into Spanish of numerous manuals, and that's how I got started in the trade!

  • 2008 - 2017

    On and off

    I worked in numerous side projects in my free time for translation agencies during those years. Most of those projects were related to marketing and e-commerce.

  • 2011-2017

    College professor

    I had the chance to author and co-author research papers in the social sciences as well as earth sciences. I translated all the articles that I worked on, but also several others from some of my colleagues.

  • 2018

    Full-time pro!

    A full-time professional translator, I am now dedicated to providing my language services to all type of industries, with a strong focus on engineering, marketing, social sciences and tourism and travel.

  • Every

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