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After several years of academic experience at my local University, I am now offering my help to other professionals in the development of their educational research projects. I have helped a number of colleagues design, plan, execute, write, translate and publish their research results, and I hope to be able to do so for you. I’m also providing my translation services for anyone interested in having their content translated in English or Spanish

I have taught several courses in both educational research and statistics for the social sciences, and I enjoy giving them a practical and operational approach that allows attendees to implement what they learn in their research work in an easy and efficient way.

Over the years I have also worked for different translation agencies both inside and outside Ecuador, on documents related to marketing, industrial safety, technical manuals, scientific papers and the like. In recent years my efforts have focused on writing academic articles and translating them into English, and I am proud to say that in all the articles I have translated into English, I have never received a ‘bad English review’.

I believe I can help you with your translation needs in a timely, professional manner. Please contact me for more information or to request a free quote at andres at morafitranslations.com

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